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The Szicsek Pálinka Distillery is one of the oldest commercial distillery in Hungary, was established in 1992 in Tiszaföldvár, in the middle of the country. The company deals with the production of premium-quality „kisüsti” pálinka. The founder, János Szicsek  has a experience in making palinka for nearly 30 years from several fruits.

János Szicsek gained a lot of experience here and after that he bought his first distillery in Cserkeszőlő, which is a small town 14 km far from Tiszaföldvár in the middle of Hungary.

First he only dealt with charged distillation. Later in the 90th when the farmers Co-operative  distillery was „destroyed”, he bought that one as well, beacause he needed a new bottler.

Just that time the pálinka production seemed decline. Because of this reason the aromatic drinks  started to spread everywhere.

Under this big pressure, the family started to produce spirituous drinks. These were produced the main benefit for the company and beside they continued producing  good quality of pálinkas as well.

When the market settled all the stores and pubs wanted to purchase all the drinks from the same place, due to this the family business started to flare and become a drink distributor.

For all these reasons the company turned into a limited company in 2003. At this very year the Local Chamber of Commerce choosed János Szicsek for the enterpreneur of the year.

In these years  exactly 2002 the career of pálinka started booming and the first pálinka decree come into existence.

In 2002 the company annual income was around 1,5 billion Huf and it became the biggest individual enterprise in the county.


In 2002 the EU made a regulation that only drinks which contain 100% fruit distillates shall bear the name of “pálinka” in order to distinguish it from other mass-produced drinks and from special beverages. The career of pálinka started booming and the first pálinka decree in Hungary come into existence. 

The family had an idea to open a pálinka store and in 2003 the House of Hungarian Pálinka opened up in Budapest. The House being an exclusive downtown shop adds to the reputation of pálinka. The store offers wide range of pálinkas from most of the Hungarian distilleries. There are around 80 distilleries operate in the country and this shop means an appropriate presence for them. Cause of the success of the business, in the last few years another 3 shops were opened in some major city. 

Our pálinkas are not available in supermarkets. We created an own sales system. Salespersons with cars supply the stores, pubs, restaurants and hotels both in Hungary and abroad with drink. Wide selection of our spirits are available at more than 1,600 distributors in Hungary and Romania. Some products of our offer are also available in Canada and Russia. 

We also organize pálinka presentations and tastings, take apart in competitions and festivals, make prospects and brochures, give information about the pálinka culture to the public. 

We are proud for our award-winning spirits in prestigious competitions. The distillery was awarded the prize Pálinka of the Year with a pear pálinka in 2008 and the prize Distillery of the Year in 2009. 

Thanks to our skills, pursuit and results, nowadays the Szicsek Pálinka Distillery is one of the most popular producer in the market. A fixed growing firm in a developing industry. 

We hope you are interested in our company and products.